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Not Long Now…

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The past few weeks have zipped by at such a speed that I find myself sitting on my bed in my dressing gown, unemployed, trip to Japan imminent, feeling slightly dazed. Although that feeling may have as much to do with the tequila and champagne last night…

I remember thinking to myself “2 weeks to Japan, must blog about total excitement and apprehension.” Then it was “holy crap, 1 week til I fly, I better blog about the fact that I’ve only got two days of work left and so much to do!”

Now here I am, off to the airport in 4 days’ time and only just getting around to my second blog post. Yesterday was such a strange mix of trying to finish everything off and say goodbye to everyone at work. I don’t think it really hit me until I got home just how much it will suck not going into the office and spending time with all my friends.

But, onwards and upwards I guess. Gotta go buy my japan rail pass this afternoon, sort out some other errands, start thinking about what to pack, all the pre-flight stuff that’s so much fun!


One thought on “Not Long Now…

  1. I’m sorry my tendency to turn into a pumpkin so early into an evening meant that I missed out on your party proper. That’s not because I have a penchant for Tecquila… but because I wanted to help give you the right proper send off you deserved!

    Thank you for my book – a wonderful gift! I am taking it to Sardinia with me. Looks like the perfect holiday read!

    It is well known that I have am averse to social networking sites. As a result, I do miss out on much of the gossip and news of parted company and distant friends… However, as I’m keen to hear your news and tales of your Japanese jolly, I shall stay tuned to read your blog. Post some cool pictures, say ‘hi’ to Yen for me! and don’t forget to pack some plasters… x

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