sirisa clark

the things I do and the words I choose


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I’ve spent all day feeling like I should be doing more to get ready for monday. And then instead I got sucked into my usual boredom reflex of browsing the internet for cool stuff. Not cool art or music or anything like that you understand. Cool stuff to buy.

I can feel myself already reaching out for the next exciting thing to do, as if the anticipation of three weeks in Japan and going back to studying have already worn these things out before they even start. Sometimes I have to catch myself and try to remember: do one thing well.

I’m still not the poet or singer or dj I’d like to be. I still want to do these things and do them well, but the explosive first part is over, and when the graft kicks in I can feel my fingers itching for some new thing.

So, my new mantra: Do one thing well. Tomorrow, Joy’s wedding. Next week, Japan.


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