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Yokoso Tokyo!


Yata! I made it, here I am chilling out in Yen and Ken’s living room in Tokyo!

I was pretty panicky for  a while on Monday, especially when a bus journey to Walthamstow that’s normally 15 minutes took half an hour. All the way to the airport little doubts kept niggling “Have I remembered  to pack everything? Do I need a visa afterall? How will I contact Yen if my phone doesn’t work?” but once I’d gone through security I began to relax.

The flight was pretty dire, it  would seem I’ve lost the ability to sleep through long haul flights. It seemed to go quite quickly though, I watched a couple of  films and listened to a Japanese lesson on my ipod (sumimasen, watashi wa nihongo ga wakarimasen – sorry,  I don’t understand Japanese!), and all of a sudden I was looking out the window at the coastline of Japan. Best thing about All Nippon Airways – they give out packets of rice crackers instead of peanuts, joy!

So, after navigating passport control (finger prints and photo taken :s) and reclaiming my bag, I found my way to the limousine bus counter and bought a ticket for they next bus tRoppongi with about 3 minutes to spare.

After meeting Yen at the Grand Hyatt (where the bus stops) we caught up for a bit at her place and headed out to meet Ken for dinner. Dinner was delicious, I left the ordering to them as the menu was entirely in Japanese, and discovered I very much like tofu, omelette and mochi, not so keen on tiny white fish that look like worms, or bitter gourd!

Back at the crib we watched some bizarre Japanese TV, but within about half an hour I had conked out on the sofa and knew it was time for bed. So far, so good!


2 thoughts on “Yokoso Tokyo!

  1. Woohoo! Well done on the travelling you.

  2. Yeay! Glad to know you’ve arrived safe and sound.

    We are all having Siri withdrawal symtoms at the moment. When Gill sits at your desk (she’s cut her hair) i think, oh, i’ll just go tell Siri, but alas. Tis a dream! Nick keeps doing the same thing.

    I bought a fantastic dress from Outnet – and wore it with white tights, my skillset shoes and dark blue nails to a magazine launch at Kensington Roof gardens. I looked ace – it’s all about me.

    Apart from that, not a lot happening. Cat had the bandage off and stitches out so he is now no longer a cone head. Frank behaved himself very well at Dan’s parents, only doing one huge poo in the middle of their kitchen floor. I’m off to the End of the Road festival this weekend, which i am very excited about. Going to buy a cloak in a minute for it. Don’t know why but the decision has been made!

    You keep away from that tentacle porn and the white wormy fish!

    Love to you & yen,

    Connie xx

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