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venturing out alone

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It’s Thursday morning and I have been blessed with blue skies today, so hopefully I will catch a glimpse of Mount Fuji!

Jet lag means I wake up early enough to say goodbye to Yen and Ken before they head to work, then I am alone in the house with the cats. Odin and Freya are pretty curious about me, and spent much of this morning sniffing my belongings.

Curious cats

I take a leisurely approach to breakfast, but have a mild panic when I try to make coffee. There is a half-full pot, but it’s gone cold. I don’t really know much about ground coffee so not sure if I can just top it up with hot water, I decide to tip it out (but where?) and start from fresh. I tip out all the coffee, boil the kettle and open the coffee tin. Disaster, barely a spoonful left and I don’t want to cane the last of their coffee!

Suddenly it occurs to me that I could have poured myself a cup of cold coffee and microwaved it, but of course it’s too late for such measures now. I start to rummage in the cupboard to check if they have any other ground coffee before I use it all up, wondering all the while why I didn’t just have tea like normal. And then, profound relief, I find a jar of instant coffee. I am saved!

So, a cup of hot coffee and some bread and honey and I am ready to venture out into the capital on my own. Okay I’m still pretty nervous, but hitting the rail system with Yen yesterday has made me feel slightly more confident about the idea of boarding the metro. I’m off to see the Imperial Palace and explore Ginza. Wish me luck!


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