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on bravery


My goodness. So much has already happened this week, I’m already falling behind on the blogging fast! There has been a lot of stepping out my comfort zone this week, starting off with my first outting on Wednesday.

Yen took me to my first onsen to get used to the idea of hanging out naked in public. I was mostly abashed about hanging out with someone I know naked, but I got over that soon enough, and it was excellent having someone to show me the etiquette. Plus, as awesome as the hot spring baths are, I can imagine they’d get pretty boring pretty quick without someone else to talk to.

Back at the homestead, Yen showed me how to make sushi, and I rolled my first maki roll!

Thursday was my first day of solo adventuring. Despite some initial nerves about tackling the metro system, it turned out to be pretty simple, perhaps even easier than the Tube, as they say which lines a station is on outside the station. Plus the main streets have plenty of maps showing where you are. I got lost on numerous occasions in Ginza yesterday, and wandering through the red light district in  Shinjuku today, but I soon made my way back onto the straight and narrow.

I took a gamble at lunchtime on some fast food udon noodles. All went fairly smoothly, except that after a while I realised the familiar taste was bacon, yuck.

After getting a bird’s eye view of Tokyo from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, I joined Yen and her Japanese teacher Kaiyo in Roppongi for a Japanese lesson. They’ve primed me for my adventures outside Tokyo with some handy phrases.

And my final act of bravery for the day? Heading to Smash Hits with Yen and Ken, seasoned musicians and karaoke maniacs, for my first ever public karaoke session! All in all, not a bad week for broadening my horizons.

Tomorrow we head to Kamakura, and Sunday we hit Harajuku and the flea markets to find some bargains. But for now, it’s time for some sleep!


2 thoughts on “on bravery

  1. Nekkidness, woo! Bacon, woo! Karaoke, wooooooooooo! Well done you. Here it’s lager and football.

  2. Darn you, I will be learning the polite Japanese phrase for Bi@tch! I am sooOOO jealous but lurving the blogs. Yeah! Dat nekedness thang is a bit much… but eh! tis all in da name o etiquette, so its all coolio.

    Keep em coming girl, I need my fix.

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