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moving swiftly on


Well, here I am in Kyoto. I’m feeling a little shell-shocked from the rapid scene changes, and also a little overwhelmed by the massive amount there is to do in Kyoto!

After a few false starts trying to get out of the train station (have pity on me, I’m a simple girl), I finally found the youth hostel and am all checked in.

I’m not having the easiest time with their internet connection, so I’ve already written this post once and lost it, but here we go again.

Sandal Wood is pretty cool, very hippy vibe – tie dye wall hangings, incense burning, Beck on the CD player. I think I like it. So far I’ve met the owners, and another guest who’s in the US Navy and based near Tokyo. Apparently he’s on shore leave and in Kyoto to get away from all things navy. By the look of his flame patterned pyjama  pants, I think this place suits him too.

So, I’ve had a nap (early morning starts don’t suit me), and I think I’m going to head out and check out the market and Gion area, and if I can make it there, go to the Manga Museum too.

The vote so far is overwhelmingly in favour of dressing up like a geisha, so I reckon I’ll have to go for it!

But before I close the chapter on Nagoya completely, I finally plucked up the courage to visit the public bath at my ryokan, and I’m so glad I did! I showered in my room, and donned the yukata (cotton dressing gown) they provided. Downstairs I walked through the small garden to the bath house, which was mercifully split into men’s and women’s baths. Inside, a girl was just leaving the dressing room, so I had the place to myself.

I stripped off and left my belongings in a basket, then went into the bath room. Showers lined the wall for washing before going in, and then there was the tub, a huge square marble affair. I stepped in and the water was blissfully hot. I sat down until I was up to my neck in hot water, and felt all the tiredness in my legs and feet from walking all day melt away. I stayed for maybe 20 minutes, and left radiating heat. I went back to my room and slept very well indeed!


2 thoughts on “moving swiftly on

  1. Geisha photos plz! Krgtosynra!

  2. Yeay! I’m glad to hear the frivolous spend demon is winning the race! It all sounds delightfully intriguing and i am enjoying your blogging immensely!

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