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sayonara nihon

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I’m home! It was a pretty taxing 21 hour journey from waking up at Yen and Ken’s in Tokyo, to meeting Ben at the bus stop in Walthamstow – the last bus journey being the most painful part by far.

I had such a brilliant time in Japan, but it’s really good to be home again. I’ve spent the day hanging out with my family and giving them presents. It’s pretty difficult to dredge up any stories that they hadn’t already read in the blog, but I did my best.

I’d like to thank everyone who read and followed the blog whilst I was away, and especially those who left comments or votes. I’ve got a little blog stats tool that tells me how many people view the site each day, and it makes me very happy to see the little chart shooting up to about 30 views on good days (although I sometimes suspect it’s just Ben visiting the site repeatedly).

BUT – just because my time in Japan is over, doesn’t mean that’s the end of my adventures! Tomorrow I’m off to enrol at UCL for my Masters in Linguistics and organising my first driving lesson;  then there’s Crunch next month and a whole bunch of performance dates coming up for the Roundhouse Experimental Choir, and hopefully some more poetry performances too.

So stay tuned, keep the comments coming, and I will try to keep my tales of syntax and singing amusing!


One thought on “sayonara nihon

  1. Welcome home!! It sounds like you’ve had a fantastic trip – I hope it feels that way too. I really enjoyed reading your blog… Feels like I’ve been to Japan in spirit, following you on your adventure…

    Hope the registration goes well!

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