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No inductions or tours or classes or enrolling or anything today, so I’ve been chilling at home, paying my fees online (and not throwing up at the thought of being four grand poorer, yay!) and checking out my reading for Monday’s first class.

Okay, I downloaded the reading, and then decided I felt like doing some baking instead. It was talking about Turkish Vowel Harmony, I freaked out!

So, a couple of hours and some pear cider later, I have two batches of peanut butter and banana cupcakes with chocolate butter icing, thanks to this recipe from Baking Bites

They’ve turned out really nicely – I decided to skip the marshmallow icing as I was only working from what I had in the house, and made it chocolate instead because I love the chocolate/ peanut butter combo. And apparently so do a few other people! I also found the awesome Chocolate Peanut Butter Gallery in my search, which may be my new home page.

In other news, definitely going to go join the uni gym tomorrow (ahem), and it’s back to the Roundhouse for rehearsals wth the Choir, then poetry once more on Saturday.

Turns out my timetable features not one, not two but THREE 9am starts. Apparently you’ve got to get up early in the morning to be a good linguist. No classes on Fridays though, so I guess it evens out somewhat.


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