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Welcome Back

Well, how terrible am I at blogging?

Here it was my plan to blog throughout my university experience, but following on the heels of a post about fresher’s flu, I’m here to write about coming to the end of my degree.

The only excuse I can make is that I’ve been working hard. In fact (avert your eyes previous bosses and colleagues) I think I’ve worked harder in the past eight months than ever before in my life.

And the good news is it’s paying off – I got my exam results last week and I did great. Better than I did on my first degree, better than I ever expected to do on a totally new subject. Linguistics is a damned hard subject to come to cold, there’s a lot of formal systems, logic, philosophy and psychology, some biology, neuroscience and evolutionary theory all thrown in there. In fact I’m not entirely sure why it counts as an MA and not an MSc, but perhaps the MSc students would laugh in my face to hear me say such a thing.

So the other surprising thing? I really love it. I love the formal systems and the logic and the theories and rules and odd diagrams. I love learning about something that is so fundamental and intuitive to all human beings but is also ridiculously complex and challenging to study! It hasn’t been exactly what I expected and I don’t think I’ll end up doing what I originally thought I would, but I’m so glad to have found something I love so much.

Now I’ve got three months left to round it all off with my dissertation. Hopefully it’s going to be really good and put me in a really strong position to start applying for a phd, but there’s a lot more hard work ahead of me to achieve that.

Still, I hope to manage a slightly more regular pattern of blogging. If anybody out there is still reading… Hello?