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Pragmatism: 0, Wanderlust: 1

Yes friends, the travel bug has bitten, which probably comes as no surprise if you know me and Ben, and have been party to the month-long hoopla of farewell drinks and dinners and parties.

But in case you didn’t know, this time tomorrow Ben and I will be struggling to re-balance our inner ear pressure and fighting off the static cling of airline blankets. We’ll be winging our way to Abu Dhabi, and then on to Delhi to start our six-month Subcontinental adventure.

So, our bags are packed (well, mine is), the rest of our stuff has been shoved unceremoniously into my dad’s loft. Since I handed in my dissertation in September, we’ve been redecorating, shopping, DJing, hello-ing and goodbye-ing, partying, planning and worrying…

We’re spending two nights in Delhi in the seedy backpacker district (because it’s so cheap!) and then hopping a train to Gorakhpur to make our way to the Nepalese border. From there we head to Pokhara to begin a month-long teahouse trek around the Annapurna Circuit: 5416 metres above sea level at its highest point…

From there, who knows? Hopefully a bit of time in Kathmandu, and then back into India via Darjeeling and start heading southward!

So stay tuned for some Indian adventures…


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