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The Annapurna Circuit

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NUTBALLS. I just logged on to my blog to try and get to grips with telling you all about our trek on the Annapurna Circuit, and found a draft I’d apparently started but not finished. But none of it looks familiar, I don’t remember writing any of this! And hold on a tick, we didn’t set out from Kathmandu… We didn’t get all the way to Ghorepani… We didn’t have a guide… And who is Diane???

Either I have a split personality and Alterna-Siri also went trekking (with Diane and a porter, lucky Alterna-Siri) or… I’ve left my wordpress account logged in somewhere else? Anyway, here is Alterna-Siri’s post, I will tell you about my adventures in the next one…

Now that we have finally completed this 18 day adventure I will try to sum it up as best I can.

October 11th = We took a bus from Kathmandu to a small village called Bhulebhule. It was a long tiresome ride that took about 10 hours.  Once we were about an hour away the bus had to cross several bridge-less streams and rocky rivers to get to our destination. Bhulebhule is a village that sits at an elevation of 850 meters and has an environment similar to that of a rain forest with many beautiful flowers and large leafy plants.

October 12th = Bhulebhule – Bahundanda ( 1270 meters )

All the days we trekked started early.  Typically we would wake up around 6 am and eat breakfast around 630 before heading out.  Yet we were notoriously late to start every day.  Our guide/porter would say we should leave around 7, but we generally rolled out around 8 am instead.  O well.  This tradition may have been mistakenly started by me the first day.  As I was eating breakfast and waiting for Diane to come and join, more then 45 minutes passed.  Being warned that she was not particularly fond of mornings, I decided to wait it out and give her space.  After I finished and went to our room to look for her I had accidentally locked her in the room as there was a deadbolt on the outside of the door.  Oops!  Needless to say, it was an interesting  way to start off the trek.

On our first hiking day we saw snow capped mountains almost immediately which was really exciting.  Lots of really amazing waterfalls as well.  Only hiked about 4  pretty mild hours.

October 13th = Bahundanda – Chamje ( 1410 meters )

Hiked for about 6 1/2 hours, there were some tiresome ascents but still pretty mild hiking.  There was one really amazing waterfall 10 min before we arrived in Chamje that was gushing with glacial water and had a complete rainbow visible in the spray.

October 14th = Chamje – Dharapani ( 1960 meters )

October 15th = Dharapani – Chame ( 2710 meters )

October 16th = Chame – Lower Pisang ( 3240 meters )

October 17th = Lower Pisang – Manang ( 3540 meters )

October 18th = Acclimatization day in Manang

October 19th = Manang – Yak Kharka ( 4020 meters )

October 20th = Yak Kharka – Thorung Phedi ( 4540 meters )

October 21st =  Thorung Pedi – Throrung La ( 5416 meters ) – Muktinath        ( 3800 meters )

October 22nd = Muktinath – Marpha ( 2680 meters )

October 23rd = Rest day in Marpha

October 24th = Marpha – Kalopani ( 2530 meters )

October 25th = Kalopani -Tatopani ( 1190 meters )

October 26th = Tatopani – Shikah ( 1780 meters )

October 27th = Shikah – Ghorepani ( 2750 meters )

October 28th = Ghorepani – Birethanti ( 1050 meters ) – Pokhara where we finished!


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