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Snakes on a beach

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So apparently there are snakes in paradise, did you know about this? Not just allegorical ones, but actual venemous ones, that pop up in people’s huts, and curled up under logs 10 feet from you on the beach!

I had a couple of hairy moments of total panic once this fact had made itself apparent to me, but surprisingly I discovered that I couldn’t maintain my terror 24/7, and sometimes the thought of snakes dropped completely out of my head, allowing me to enjoy a very merry Christmas and New Year on the beach with Ben! I hope you all had a lovely festive period too!

We’ve been back to Havelock after a brief but unsatisfying flirtation with Neil Island, and spent the past two weeks descending into a kind of sun-dazed torpor, playing frisbee on the beach in the day and drinking rum in the evenings, making friends with Danes, Dutch, Isrealis and even the occasional Brit! Christmas Eve we had a rave on the beach that was pretty awesome, and spent much of Christmas day just lying around recovering and feeling a little homesick when we spoke to our folks. We played a little game of “things we would do if we were back home”, but I’m not sure if that helped the homesickness or not…

After spending the last day of 2010 getting sunburnt on the beach, we saw the New Year in at another beach party on the other side of the island (we got a lift there in the back of a pick-up truck with 20 other revellers – it’s funny how quickly you can make friends when you’ve got your knees pressed to their chest and you’re clinging onto the back of their shirt for dear life as you speed over potholes in the dark). The highlight of the night was dancing with Ben to Eastern Jam (thank you Lauric, the French dubstep DJ!) on the beach at midnight, as fireworks exploded in front of us. Lowpoint was probably the interminable wait for a bus to take us back to our side of the island…

Now we’re back in Port Blair for the last time (hello comfy beds, solid walls, hot shower and TV!) and catching our boat back to the mainland this afternoon. God knows how long it’s going to take this time, but we’ve bought a bunch of provisions to help get us through. Neither of us are feeling great at the moment, and this time there’s no promise of tropical island paradise at the end of the boat journey to help us along. But truth be told, we’re getting a little bored here, we’re ready for the some mainland action again and new sights! And we’ve got something even better to look forward to: in a couple of weeks my sister is flying out to meet us and travel with us for three weeks! We’ll be hitting up Kerala and Karnataka together, and these are the parts of India I’ve been most looking forward to, but Rani’s visit makes it about 10 times more exciting!

So, probably another week before we can blog again. Keep up the lovely comments and emails please, we love to hear what you’re up to back home. And also please remember that although my phone can’t make calls or send texts, I can totally receive texts! For the past two months the only people who’ve been texting me have been my hairdresser and Virgin mobile 😦 I got majorly excited when my phone rang a couple of weeks ago, only to answer and find out I was paying 1.25 a minute for a sales call from Taste London…



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