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climbing back on the horse

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So, I’ve been a not very good blogger eh? Dear Reader, please forgive me, for it has been more than a year since my last post. In fact I doubt I have any readers yet to beg forgiveness of…

BUT, so much has happened in that year!

– I got a new job, at Central Saint Martins

– We moved to Brixton (I know, crossed the fiery line that bisects London right along the Thames)

– I took up knitting

– I travelled to Italy and Morocco (again)

– Ben and I got engaged…

– Ben and I got married!

See? Busy times in the Clark/Jones household (and yes, it is still a two-named household, because that is how I roll). But I miss writing – oh heavens how I do, and I’ve been inspired by my friend Nick to get back on the horse. His blog – Excited, Inspired and Grateful – has reminded me that you have to write to write.

What does that even mean??

It means that when you put words down on paper, more words rush in and fill your head. Ideas are a bit like bunny rabbits – you get two of those bad boys in your head, and they will start filling the place up with their adorable fluffy kin. I’ve felt that way before with poetry (and by god, I hope I do again), I really want to feel that way about writing stories. But right now, I feel that way about blogging.

So, my new challenge to myself is to blog 3 times a week. Today is number 1.


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