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Notes from the Stiletto

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Back in March, I came out to Italy to visit Leila, and had this brilliant idea.

I would leave a pair of shoes here ready for my next visit – I would save space in my tiny hand luggage allowance, and always have a pair of sandals here for future visits. Brilliant!

When I arrived on Tuesday, I remembered my cunning plan and pulled my battered old ballet flats from a drawer in Leila’s spare room. All around the heel and ball of both feet, tiny flowers of mildew were blooming. No matter – I left them out on the patio all day and overnight, certain that the mildew would dry out in the hot sun.

Next morning I skipped out to the patio to admire the sun’s handiwork. I discovered the inside of the shoes covered in trails of glittering snail slime, right alongside the persistent mildew flowers.

I decided it was time for more drastic action, and pulled out the white wine vinegar. I’ve read a million times on the interwebs what an amazing household cleaner vinegar is. Kills mould! Brings a shine to old mirrors! De-stinkyfies stinky things!

Sure enough it worked a treat on the mildew and snail goo, but I spent the rest of the day walking around, convinced I smelled like I’d shoved my feet into two bags of fish ‘n chips…

Mmmm, your feet are making me hungry…


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