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Ebay Sunday: Tie Dye

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I mentioned prepping some Ebay Sunday snaps at the market on Thursday, here they are:

A couple of months ago, tie-dye invaded my consciousness, and suddenly I was seeing it everywhere. I’m still not clear whether this is because it became really popular, or because once you start thinking about something, all the existing instances in your cognitive environment are fore-grounded. (In my case, the fact that I’m short-sighted helped the effect. From a distance, lots of different patterns look like tie dye to me).

Anyway, a tie dye dress became the goal, and I found this one from New Look for about a tenner on ebay. I love it: it’s really comfortable, I get compliments every time I wear it, it travels really well, and it’s perfect here in Italy because in the evenings I can throw it on and cover up my legs for excellent mosquito protection!

Another day I will tell you all about my experiments in making my own tie dye…


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