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Ebay Sunday: kick up your foot

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First up: Glasto tickets go on sale today and I am weeeeeeEEEOOOoooooooo excited!

Anyways… I bought these really fab silver shoes a month or so ago. They are from Office, and I think I spent about £8 on them, but I can’t remember. And I have locked myself out of my ebay account purposefully, so I can’t even check.

When I first got them, I danced around the house in them because  they are soo pretty, and soooo comfortable!

This comfort malarkey is of the utmost importance to me. I wear trainers most of the time, and ballets flats or sandals in the summer time. I find the less I wear heels, the less I can wear them. And I don’t think I’m the only one.

The other day I found myself mesmerised walking down the street behind a girl. She was wearing wedge shoe boots which tapered in the heel, and they looked brilliant, but the way her ankles buckled with each step did not. I already have plenty of problems with overpronating when I run and aching arches, so as a rule I tend to stick with low heel or no heel. These heels are pretty itty bitty, so I figured I’d be okay.

My friends: wearing your shiny new shoes to the park with your friends and their two year old is not the same as prancing around your living room. I strutted out of the house yesterday feeling like a silver-toed glamazon. After some serious playground action, we hit a cafe for coffee and a babychino, and I found myself surreptitiously slipping my shoes off under the table to assess the huge blister on the back of my heel.

I came limping home feeling decidedly less elegant. And the thing about silver shoes is they do rather draw attention to your feet, even when you’d rather they didn’t. By the end of my road I had them in my hand and was enjoying the rough tarmac beneath my toes, trying hard not to think about tetanus.

What is the moral of the story? Wear trainers to the park if you’re running around after a two year old. Rub vaseline into the backs of leather shoes to prevent rubbing. Some shoes take a little more breaking in than a quick gleeful prance around the living room. Don’t get Ben to take your Ebay Sunday photos, as he will only end up cropping the shoes out of the picture, and making you do a “rargh!” kitty pose you instantly regret.

And yes. Yes I will be wearing them again.



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