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We’re going to Glastonbury 2013!

It was a close call too: we got through about 5 minutes before they sold out completely. I’m feeling a mixture of elation that we got tickets, and bummed out for my friends who didn’t.

Buying Glastonbury tickets is a bit like playing the lottery. What other festival in the world sells out 200,000 tickets in 1 hour 40 minutes, without announcing a single act?

We got up at 8:40 on a Sunday (I know, I nearly expired when my alarm went off), flicked the kettle on and set up Headquarters in the living room. Sam came over, and the three of us sat there for 90 minutes: mobile in one hand (Call Back Call Back Call Back Call Back), landline in the other (hang up redial hang up redial hang up redial) and laptop on my lapt (F5 F5 F5 F5 F5). I got into such a rhythm with all three devices I started to worry I’d get through and then accidentally hang up.

And then all of a sudden, Rani calls up, and she’s through and I’m handing over my card details to lay down a £400 deposit for 8 people. Can’t make rent this month but who cares?

So here is my Glasto 2013 wishlist:

Pyramid Stage:

Saturday night: Radiohead. Sunday night: Talking Heads/ Tom Tom Club surprise reunion! All other times: Coldplay, U2, or some other rock behemoth I don’t give a stuff about, to draw the crowds away from my favourite stage…

Other Stage:

Bjork, Parliament/Funkadelic, Queens of the Stone Age, Eagles of Death Metal, Spoon, TV on the Radio, LCD Soundsystem, M.I.A, Santigold, Beastie Boys, Arcade Fire, De La Soul.

My fantasy: Santigold, Beastie Boys, De La and Bjork all join George Clinton onstage…

West Holts (on a really sunny Friday afternoon):

Mungo’s Hi Fi, Fat Freddy’s Drop, Roots Manuva, Femi Kuti, K’naan, Afrikan Boy, Easy Dread Allstars.

Some tiny tent somewhere, with a smoky intimate feeling despite the crowds:

Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Be Good Tanyas, Gillian Welch, The Black Keys, Cat Power.

Dance Village:

Groove Armada, Basement Jaxx, Mr Scruff, Andy C, Skream, Benga, 2 Many DJs.

Please Mr Eavis, any and all of the above, just not at the same time!

What I will really be doing is getting hold of the line-up and listening to as many of the bands as possible, because even if you’ve never heard of them, you can rely on Mike and Emily to book the best music going, so it’s a brilliant way to discover new music, and then arrive at the festival totally psyched to see them.

That’s why it’s maybe the only festival in the world that can completely sell out without announcing a single act.


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