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A Wednesday of few words

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Okay, so I am never going to achieve a Wordless Wednesday probably, because I like to write, and I can’t imagine just presenting a bunch of pictures without saying anything about it.

But today I will keep it short, and hope that my photos will speak for me. Last night was week 2 of my course at CSM: Travel Photography – People and Places. The previous week the tutor set an assignment to photograph our home postcode and bring 8 prints to class. The first half of the class was going through everybody’s images and critiquing them. I thought my pictures held up reasonably well against everybody else’s. But hey, judge for yourself…

See those bags up there? I saw a girl with a coat made out of that fabric in Brixton Village. I asked her where she got it, and she pulled this pained expression and said “oh, I got it in Nepal actually, so I don’t think you’d be able to find anything like it here”. I thought, funny, I never saw anything like that when I was in Nepal. Then I walk around a corner and see a stall selling these bags. Lying hipster scumbag.


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