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Ebay Sunday: Supervillainy

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Photoshop really has brightened me up (haha!). I’ve even found the gumption for an Ebay Sunday post that requires no additional photography on my part!

It’s a bit obvious really: fully half of my wardrobe comes from ebay, it’s pretty easy to flick through pictures of me on Facebook and find me wearing something I got off ebay.

But it’s Sunday night! It’s getting darker and colder every day! You need something to put a smile on your face, and I have just the thing.

Faux leather bomber jacket: £24.99

Going to see The Dark Knight Rises dressed up as Catwoman: Priceless


Why just go to the cinema, when you get dressed up as supervillains and do it in style!

Highlights of the night:

  • Ben coming out of the Wagamama toilets dressed as the Riddler, and three little kids lining up to high-five him
  • Peering in the window of a restaurant as we passed by and having everyone inside turn and stare at me wide-eyed
  • An old lady with a zimmer frame saying we’d made her day


The Riddler



Catfight with Batgirl


Poison Ivy

The Penguin


Rogue’s Gallery

Catwoman and The Riddler will be getting another outing this Saturday at Ben’s Supervillains Birthday Party!



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