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The Magic Shop


I’ve been feeling some serious Sunday Night Blues tonight:

I feel tired and slightly flu-ish

I have accomplished next to nothing this weekend

I was meant to visit a friend today, but the Victoria Line shafted me

I started writing a post yesterday and it turned out boring so I didn’t publish it (yes, there is some actual quality control on this blog. Don’t act all surprised)

Ben is also feeling grumpy and frustrated, because we’re trying to watch Felix Baumgartner’s stratosphere jump live feed and it’s choppy as hell

I haven’t done an Ebay Sunday, because I left it too late in the day, and now the light is rubbish for taking photos

Speaking of rubbish photos, I am not super-happy with the photos I have taken for my photography assignment. We were tasked with playing around with exposure and light metering. I certainly played, but I don’t think I got very interesting photos.

And then, something magic happened. Whilst showing Ben my choices for the assignment, I remembered that the other thing we covered in Tuesday’s class is how to manipulate photos in Photoshop. I’ve taken one of my bleh shots and punched up the exposure and saturation, then straightened up the angles. The image has become more grainy and cartoonish as a result, but I like the effect:

Before: wonky, dark, bleh. Bit like me

After: straight! colourful! instagram-tastic!

And somehow, magically, everything seems to be better. We’ve found a better feed for the Baumgartner jump and he has jumped and broken all kinds of records!

I might even get on and do that Ebay Sunday post…


2 thoughts on “The Magic Shop

  1. Cool. Photoshop brightens more than photos, then? Glad you’re feeling a bit less underexposed/saturated.

    • Indeed! Now all I need is the supper Ben is making me, and to do some knitting so I feel like I’ve accomplished something today 🙂

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