sirisa clark

the things I do and the words I choose


Siri as seen from above

Siri as seen from above

“As soon as I reach some kind of definite policy about what is my kind of music and my kind of restaurant and my kind of overdraft, people start blowing up my kind of planet and throwing me out of their kind of spaceships!” – Arthur Dent










I can never seem to keep this thing up to date. As soon as I work out something to say, it all changes again.

For a while there I was a DJ, a poet, a singer, a linguistics student and a dedicated resident of London.

Then I was bumming my way around India with my boy at my side. Then we came home, grew up, got jobs, new flat, got married, all that jazz.

Here is my favourite self description I’ve ever written, from my much-neglected twitter (@sirisa)

Atheist, feminist, socialist, vocalist, poetess, optimist, linguist, guitarist, tourist, purist, will-o-the-wisp, bit of a lisp, love-in-a-mist, words in a list.

These are my adventures, presented only shortly after they occur…


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Siri (and Benski)

    Loving your posts and can’t wait to see the photos. Today, I went to the gym, ran about 4 kms, used the ski machine thingy for 10 minutes and did some dumb bell bench press manoeuvres in the free weights section of the gym, just to show all those muscular blokes how it is done.

    There, some news from London. Not a patch on trekking across mountain ranges, but there you go.

    Yours, waiting with baited breath for the next post, Sashers

  2. Nice blog and thanx for the like. Cheers!

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