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The Daily Weird

Today, McLaren drove their 2012 Supercar into the central atrium of my workplace, Central Saint Martins:

Photo Credit: Alli Wynn 2012

It’s orange… I love it

My workplace is pretty cool. The first time Ben came to meet me for lunch there, I found him waiting in the atrium.

Ben: This is where you work?

Siri: yeah… shall we go get some lunch?

Ben: How come all those times you’ve come home and moaned about what a shitty day you’ve had, you never mention that every day you walk into this vast, cathedral-like space, full of eccentrically-dressed creatives?

Siri: Um… I dunno. It sort of wears off after a while.

Ben: That guy over there has a foxtail sewn into his hair

Spider Mewp, yay!

One year ago, it was still a building site

The truth is, even when you work in the most mind-boggling places and are surrounded by interesting people doing interesting things, if you sit in the back office all day shuffling numbers on a spreadsheet and typing notes, things can get a little humdrum. Which is why I like to get out and about in the building as much as possible. It helps that a lot of what is awesome and weird happens outside my office window.

Here are some of the awesome/bizarre things I have witnessed since starting there just over a year ago:

  • Vin Diesel’s trailer parked outside the window, while film Fast and Furious 6
Photo Credit: Alli Wynn 2012

So Fast! So Furious!

  • Vince Cable pulling up outside my window in a Prius, jumping out and shaking hands with the University’s Rector
  • A van pulling up, setting up perches, and unloading 6 large birds of prey, who flew around killing pigeons
  • Kiwi Olympic House building a BBQ in the square out the front. And then accidentally burning it down…
Photo Credit: Alli Wynn 2012

Really should have turned the burgers sooner guys

  • This:

Every workplace should have one of these signs

  • Student fashion shoots

Is moulting the Next Big Thing?

  • Student… er, performance art?

Nice cape young man

  • The Noisettes filming their latest video
  • Pastel-coloured cows invading for the ice cream festival

The kept moving around when nobody was looking

  • Grayson Perry having lunch in the canteen. In full drag
  • kids going nuts for the new fountain-studded square out front (seriously, it’s N1’s premier tourist destination now)

There are worse ways to spend your summer I guess

Guardian building peeping through in the background

Okay I admit it, I love my work. Here’s to another mental year…