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Spinning a yarn

Lo and behold, the scarf is complete!

And it’s so long! If I hold it up it’s pretty much as tall as me – and like me, it enjoys nothing more than draping itself lovingly around Mr Jones’ neck.

I am pretty much beside myself with happiness at this point – it feels really good to finish a project, especially when I’ve had so much flak for how long it has taken me to complete.

And better yet, it’s ready in time for Ben’s birthday! I made him pose in the garden wearing it, but then I took it back so I can wrap it up all pretty for his birthday.

So, I can tick that off on the Life List. I’ve now made the List a link at the top of my blog, so you can follow my progress from there.

I’m already full of ideas about what I want to make next – many of them waaaay too ambitious, but it’s good to dream big.

By the way, the scarf is not as narrow as it looks above – Ben has folded it in half. I have not spent a year knitting a shoestring.