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life through a lens

Reason # 324 to love your job: as of tonight I am now a student again, taking part in a photography course at work!

And hey, you know what I discovered? It only takes a small shift out of your usual context for people to not recognise you. Standing in a group of students waiting to be collected by the tutor, about 10 of my colleagues passed me and only two recognised me.

I also discovered that I was the only person in the class without a DSLR. I’d borrowed one from Rani, but decided at the last minute that a) it was way too bulky and b) it was a bit pointless learning on somebody else’s camera when I want to get the best out of mine. Thankfully the tutor was reasonably complimentary about bridge cameras like my Fujifilm finepix s1500.

Tonight I learnt a great deal about white balance and a little bit less about ISO (mostly because I couldn’t seem to grasp the concept of ISO properly – I get that less light = higher ISO, but other than that it wouldn’t sink in). We didn’t take any pictures in class, but afterwards I found myself snapping all the way home.

So, here’s some of my journey home (including my dinner in Wasabi)…

Mmmm, tofu curry!

I’d never realised before that this corridor between the ticket halls in King’s Cross is actually a wheelchair jousting tiltyard!



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The Daily Weird

Today, McLaren drove their 2012 Supercar into the central atrium of my workplace, Central Saint Martins:

Photo Credit: Alli Wynn 2012

It’s orange… I love it

My workplace is pretty cool. The first time Ben came to meet me for lunch there, I found him waiting in the atrium.

Ben: This is where you work?

Siri: yeah… shall we go get some lunch?

Ben: How come all those times you’ve come home and moaned about what a shitty day you’ve had, you never mention that every day you walk into this vast, cathedral-like space, full of eccentrically-dressed creatives?

Siri: Um… I dunno. It sort of wears off after a while.

Ben: That guy over there has a foxtail sewn into his hair

Spider Mewp, yay!

One year ago, it was still a building site

The truth is, even when you work in the most mind-boggling places and are surrounded by interesting people doing interesting things, if you sit in the back office all day shuffling numbers on a spreadsheet and typing notes, things can get a little humdrum. Which is why I like to get out and about in the building as much as possible. It helps that a lot of what is awesome and weird happens outside my office window.

Here are some of the awesome/bizarre things I have witnessed since starting there just over a year ago:

  • Vin Diesel’s trailer parked outside the window, while film Fast and Furious 6
Photo Credit: Alli Wynn 2012

So Fast! So Furious!

  • Vince Cable pulling up outside my window in a Prius, jumping out and shaking hands with the University’s Rector
  • A van pulling up, setting up perches, and unloading 6 large birds of prey, who flew around killing pigeons
  • Kiwi Olympic House building a BBQ in the square out the front. And then accidentally burning it down…
Photo Credit: Alli Wynn 2012

Really should have turned the burgers sooner guys

  • This:

Every workplace should have one of these signs

  • Student fashion shoots

Is moulting the Next Big Thing?

  • Student… er, performance art?

Nice cape young man

  • The Noisettes filming their latest video
  • Pastel-coloured cows invading for the ice cream festival

The kept moving around when nobody was looking

  • Grayson Perry having lunch in the canteen. In full drag
  • kids going nuts for the new fountain-studded square out front (seriously, it’s N1’s premier tourist destination now)

There are worse ways to spend your summer I guess

Guardian building peeping through in the background

Okay I admit it, I love my work. Here’s to another mental year…