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So today is the end of the Fortnight of Pain, and to celebrate I have done something either monumentally stupid or crazy brilliant. Or both, I’m not sure.

I’ve signed up for a 5k run. In 5 days’ time.

I have wanted to do the Trees for Cities Tree-athlon for quite some time. Partly because it sounds like my kind of triathlon (you run 5k, plant a tree, and then round it off with a barefoot 100m dash. Then you have a bit of a village fete type thing in the park), but more importantly because I think trees are such a hugely important thing. I don’t want to use the word resource, because that puts a very human-centric slant on things, but essentially without them, we are fucked.

Photo credit: Sirisa Clark 2011

Bonus: they’re also beautiful

Did you know the UK is one of the least-wooded countries in Europe? Trees are important for biodiversity, soil stabilisation, reducing urban heat retention, storing carbon and releasing oxygen.

I was about 12 years old when I decided all human problems were secondary to environmental ones, because what is the point of World Peace, a cure for cancer, any of it, if there is nowhere to live?

Ahem. So, that’s enough preachy bidness from me! You all knew I was a hippy anyway, so I’m not going to labour the point – I know you want to hear more about how hideously ill-equipped I am to run a race on Saturday morning, right?

The truth is I signed up, made a Just Giving page, sent it round to a few friends, then started to freak out about what I’d got myself into. My dad emailed me and warned me it was a bad idea. My friend emailed to say “weren’t you the girl with an addiction to LOUNGING two weeks ago?!”. I downloaded the training guide from Trees for Cities, which suggested starting your training regime 8 weeks before the race. I don’t even have 8 days.

And then I came home, and Ben hugged me and told me what I was doing was amazing, and that he’d come for a run with me and we’d see how far we could manage. We jogged round the park 8 times, then back to the house: 5.3km.

Today I learned: I can do anything with Ben by my side.

And on that sappy note, cough up bitches!