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Town Square Galatina. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Buonasera da Italia!

We have skipped town just as the really miserable weather hits London, and escaped to the South of Italy, where it’s 30C. Sorry London, but Italy wins this round…

So far today we have:

  • woken up at 4am in London, done the taxi to the airport thing and then the hideous Ryanair business (seriously, if any other airline flew direct to my mum’s region, I would avoid Ryanair like the plague. It is the devil’s airline).
  • Met at the airport by Leila and Rani, and greeted at the house by the cats (well, Pablo. Suki likes to pretend we are mere shadows who plague her existence with attempts at affection and bribes of fish).
  • Had lunch on Leila’s new patio, worked on my knitting and made plans to hit the beach tomorrow
  • Had a mega-siesta to recover from said 4am wake-up call
  • Dined on fresh fish grilled by Ben, then wandered into the square for some gelato


So far, so holiday!