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Spinning a yarn

Lo and behold, the scarf is complete!

And it’s so long! If I hold it up it’s pretty much as tall as me – and like me, it enjoys nothing more than draping itself lovingly around Mr Jones’ neck.

I am pretty much beside myself with happiness at this point – it feels really good to finish a project, especially when I’ve had so much flak for how long it has taken me to complete.

And better yet, it’s ready in time for Ben’s birthday! I made him pose in the garden wearing it, but then I took it back so I can wrap it up all pretty for his birthday.

So, I can tick that off on the Life List. I’ve now made the List a link at the top of my blog, so you can follow my progress from there.

I’m already full of ideas about what I want to make next – many of them waaaay too ambitious, but it’s good to dream big.

By the way, the scarf is not as narrow as it looks above – Ben has folded it in half. I have not spent a year knitting a shoestring.



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Mad dogs and English girls

Another beautiful day in Southern Italy? Another trip to the beach!

We took a picnic of cheese, tomatoes and bread, and hit ridiculously clear waters with a lilo – the perfect way to simultaneously enjoy the sea and also sunbathe.

After about five minutes in the water, I started to notice a strange sensation: tiny white fish nipping at my feet! I don’t mind a fish pedicure, but these little guys were going for the softest, living bits of my feet.

Now I’m sure the Italians are all thinking: these English girls are maniaci! What on earth is she doing, knitting on the beach??

Why yes, red is my favourite colour!

Well, let me put it this way i miei amici italiani: not everybody gets 30C weather in September. Tomorrow we go back to London, where Autumn has already established dominion over the climate, and British hearts brace themselves for the rigours of Seasonal Affective Disorder.

More importantly, Ben’s birthday is just a few weeks away, and so suddenly I am working to a deadline.

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my heart skips a beat

I didn’t write yesterday! I feel a bit like a spell has been broken, and actually looking at the time (23:54) I won’t manage to blog today either. Rats.

In truth, I wasn’t blogging because I was out having a good time: singing my heart out in a karaoke booth in chinatown for my girl Sam’s birthday. I think the internets can wait for that.

Today I’ve been doing next to nothing, due to a prolonged sensation of wooziness since about midday (perhaps I’m really not meant to give blood). I have napped, drunk tea and knitted, watched Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.

It has been glorious.

So, a rather dull post today, but to make up for it I’ve included a vid of the version of Empire State of Mind I like to sing at karaoke:


How long is a piece of string?

A short post tonight, because I left work at 7pm (ironically, working late on a new website for my department). And as I left I sensed the light failing, and I felt the chill in the air, and I knew it in my tired bones.

Winter is coming.

It’s not all bad though, I’m looking forward to the return of Game of Thrones and some other fun shows!

I cooked up a batch of macaroni cheese, Ben and I vegged out with Breaking Bad on the telly, and I… pulled my knitting out again!

I took up knitting last Autumn when I joined a club at work and the girls showed me how to knit and purl. I started on a scarf for Ben, which went through several patterns:


In case you’re wondering, those are not intentional pattern changes. I got bored of just knitting, so started throwing in some purls. Then somehow dropped a stitch and inexplicably flipped from seed stitch to ribbing. Which caused the end to taper and gave it that weird hot water bottle look…

Good practice, but I’d be ashamed to see my husband walking around in Franken-knit. So I started again:

That’s a bit more like it huh? But then wedding planning and summer took over, and who wants to knit in summer?

So it’s knitting time again. Unfortunately, in the middle of a climactic drug deal season finale on Breaking Bad, I got distracted and completely screwed up the final stitch on the row. Luckily for me, my knitting guru subscribes to my blog, so hello Jenny! I’ll be asking your advice in the morning!