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my heart skips a beat

I didn’t write yesterday! I feel a bit like a spell has been broken, and actually looking at the time (23:54) I won’t manage to blog today either. Rats.

In truth, I wasn’t blogging because I was out having a good time: singing my heart out in a karaoke booth in chinatown for my girl Sam’s birthday. I think the internets can wait for that.

Today I’ve been doing next to nothing, due to a prolonged sensation of wooziness since about midday (perhaps I’m really not meant to give blood). I have napped, drunk tea and knitted, watched Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who.

It has been glorious.

So, a rather dull post today, but to make up for it I’ve included a vid of the version of Empire State of Mind I like to sing at karaoke: