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A Wednesday of few words

Okay, so I am never going to achieve a Wordless Wednesday probably, because I like to write, and I can’t imagine just presenting a bunch of pictures without saying anything about it.

But today I will keep it short, and hope that my photos will speak for me. Last night was week 2 of my course at CSM: Travel Photography – People and Places. The previous week the tutor set an assignment to photograph our home postcode and bring 8 prints to class. The first half of the class was going through everybody’s images and critiquing them. I thought my pictures held up reasonably well against everybody else’s. But hey, judge for yourself…

See those bags up there? I saw a girl with a coat made out of that fabric in Brixton Village. I asked her where she got it, and she pulled this pained expression and said “oh, I got it in Nepal actually, so I don’t think you’d be able to find anything like it here”. I thought, funny, I never saw anything like that when I was in Nepal. Then I walk around a corner and see a stall selling these bags. Lying hipster scumbag.


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Ebay Sunday: Tie Dye

I mentioned prepping some Ebay Sunday snaps at the market on Thursday, here they are:

A couple of months ago, tie-dye invaded my consciousness, and suddenly I was seeing it everywhere. I’m still not clear whether this is because it became really popular, or because once you start thinking about something, all the existing instances in your cognitive environment are fore-grounded. (In my case, the fact that I’m short-sighted helped the effect. From a distance, lots of different patterns look like tie dye to me).

Anyway, a tie dye dress became the goal, and I found this one from New Look for about a tenner on ebay. I love it: it’s really comfortable, I get compliments every time I wear it, it travels really well, and it’s perfect here in Italy because in the evenings I can throw it on and cover up my legs for excellent mosquito protection!

Another day I will tell you all about my experiments in making my own tie dye…

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It’s Market Day in Galatina!

Leila woke us up with the threat that if we didn’t get up soon, we’d miss out on the market. Out of bed we leapt! Who would miss all of this?

We bought a mezzo-kilo of peanuts for Leila to make peanut butter, and a kilo of arborio rice for Ben to make risotto al funghi for dinner. Om nom nom nom!

Rani was taking a photo of my dress for this week’s Ebay Sunday, and this guy insisted we take his picture too. Okay!

We lunched on fresh tomatoes and capsicum, grilled aubergine slices, and the most delicious ricotta cheese you can imagine. I’m not gonna lie: I mostly just sat there eating the ricotta with a spoon.