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All these things that I have done

Wow, so my mum responded to my Life List post by creating a Facebook album of some of the awesome things I did before I was 6 years old. Check it.

1. Get born. In Zimbabwe

I know right? This one took me months of careful planning: getting myself conceived, orchestrating the move to Zimbabwe, arriving nearly a month late so my mum had to deliver me herself.

(Yes, I was late for my own birth. Yes, I was late for my own wedding. My tombstone will read: In Death as in Life: the Late Sirisa Clark).

2. Travel all over Africa before the age of 2. Also: be outrageously blonde.

Bet you weren’t expecting that, after the mass of black hair I was born with eh?

Yes, blondes really do have more fun! Or at least my mum did, hitchhiking around southern Africa with a platinum-blonde baby whose name means “secret” in Swahili. (“What’s your baby’s name?” “It’s Siri” “… ah go on, you can tell me!” “No, it’s Siri” “Ah… confidential!”)

3. Visit Victoria Falls

My main memory of this event is this:

[Stands near falls] Ah, it’s raining

[Walks 5 paces away] …But not over here

[Walks back to falls] Still raining over here… WHAT SORCERY IS THIS??

4. Have deep and meaningful discussions with ex-guerilla fighters in Harare

Actually I have no idea what we’re discussing here. He may be asking why I have the ridiculous rat-tail at the back of my pudding bowl haircut, and I may be patiently explaining that it’s the 80s, and I have a peculiar inability to communicate what I want to hairdressers – an inability that would plague my adult life.

What I do know is that we had spent all afternoon playing in the yard and taking silly photos and that I adored this guy.

5. Clamber all over Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe doesn’t seem to crop up on many must do travel lists, but it’s incredible. Its construction spanned from the 11th century to the 14th. I would really like to go back there one day.

6. Have a Marylin Munroe moment in Paris

So what if I am wearing a possum t-shirt? I’m Marilyn-frickin’-Monroe!

Of course I’d love to claim major kudos points for being the most awesome globe-trotting 5 year old to ever stand on a subway grate, but I think it’s pretty obvious here that it was actually my parents who were busy being awesome. I just got to enjoy the ride! I hope when I have kids I am bold enough to go out and have crazy adventures in the world and just strap the kid on my back.

Speaking of her awesomeness, my mum has now kicked off a blog of her own, so you can check out her adventures in Southern Italy, over on Leila in Galatina.