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Extended Mind

One of my favourite web comics ever, XKCD, did a strip called Extended Mind that I can really relate to.

Since I got an iPhone, I am always connected to the web in some shape or form. I’m at a PC all day, and when I get home I’m surrounded by technology – right now we’re running at two smartphones, two tablets, two kindles, two laptops, two desktops, and most recently, a Raspberry Pi computer that acts as media centre for our TV, and looks like this:

mmmm, Pi

In case you’re wondering, that’s Ben’s oystercard holder it’s sitting on top of. It’s that tiny.

Anyways, I’m digressing (and maybe also showing off a bit). The point is: technology, all the time, and more importantly, the internet.

Remember a time when a question popped into your head, and you couldn’t look up the answer immediately? Or you wanted to remember the name of that red-head chick who was in all the teen movies in the 80s (Molly Ringwald, by the by). I do, but only because I spent a month in the Himalayas with no internet access…

I love the internet, not just for the facts I want to check and the information I want to find, but for the awesome ideas I hadn’t considered, the ones that pop up in somebody else’s Pinterest, or that you wind up at after a couple of hours of following the links from your favourite blogs.

I’ve already told you about one experiment in enacting advice and tutorials from the internet this week. These are the other tips I’ve been trying out:

Creating a DIY fly trap

This trick is really effective. I’d post a picture of my DIY trap, but it is not as blog-beautiful as this one! Possibly because it’s made out of brown tape, a torn up bank statement, and a bright orange gloopy mix of mandarins, curry sauce and red jelly. But hey, the flies go nuts for that shit!

Making fettucine out of zucchini

I have no food in the house. I didn’t want to have pasta two nights in a row, but all I had in the fridge was a zucchini. I’d read before that you can replace pasta in dishes with strips of zucchini. So I picked up my vegetable peeler, boiled some water, cooked it for exactly a minute as suggested, and voila!

A soggy-looking lump of boiled zucchini. (Again, too ugly to bother photographing for the blog. Also, messy kitchen syndrome).

It tasted pretty good (although that may have been the aubergine pesto), but it definitely needed less water. Perhaps next time I will follow the suggestions to fry it, or wring it out in some kitchen towel. Or maybe I’ll just use real pasta.

More importantly, I’m still hungry! Maybe it’s time to give this a whirl…