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Ebay Sunday: Supervillainy

Photoshop really has brightened me up (haha!). I’ve even found the gumption for an Ebay Sunday post that requires no additional photography on my part!

It’s a bit obvious really: fully half of my wardrobe comes from ebay, it’s pretty easy to flick through pictures of me on Facebook and find me wearing something I got off ebay.

But it’s Sunday night! It’s getting darker and colder every day! You need something to put a smile on your face, and I have just the thing.

Faux leather bomber jacket: £24.99

Going to see The Dark Knight Rises dressed up as Catwoman: Priceless


Why just go to the cinema, when you get dressed up as supervillains and do it in style!

Highlights of the night:

  • Ben coming out of the Wagamama toilets dressed as the Riddler, and three little kids lining up to high-five him
  • Peering in the window of a restaurant as we passed by and having everyone inside turn and stare at me wide-eyed
  • An old lady with a zimmer frame saying we’d made her day


The Riddler



Catfight with Batgirl


Poison Ivy

The Penguin


Rogue’s Gallery

Catwoman and The Riddler will be getting another outing this Saturday at Ben’s Supervillains Birthday Party!




Ebay Sunday: the last hurrah

I have been waiting very patiently for the last of my frenzied ebay purchases to arrive. Technically, it arrived well over a week ago, but I’ve been too busy to go and pick it up from the post office (I can understand that the Royal Mail has to deliver during the day because the majority of their clients are probably businesses. But hey, the collection office is used almost exclusively by people who miss deliveries because they are at work. So here’s an idea: why not be open in the evenings?? Closing at 4:30pm is helping nobody).

I digress. The last ebay obsession I fixated on before going cold turkey was buying a new everyday bag. Not because I don’t love my current bag, but as a back up should it ever give up the ghost.

My current bag is almost everything I could ever want in a bag:

1) It is a neutral colour and style that goes with just about everything (well, I think so. I may look at photos in 10 years and wail at my younger self’s total lack of style. That has happened before and will happen again.)

2) It has an adjustable strap, allowing me to wear it either on the shoulder or across my body.

3) It zips shut at the top, meaning I can open it with one hand when I need to, but it’s sufficiently difficult to get into that nobody is going to just reach in and lift my purse. As a Londoner, this is one of my greatest paranoid fears.

4) It seems to be modelled on Mary Poppins’ bag. This bag will hold almost everything I throw at it. Most days that’s phone, ipod, keys, mirror, assorted lipstick, balm, gloss and stain, kindle, wallet, glasses, sunglasses, pens, bottle of water. Sometimes I will throw in a cardigan, my tablet, some tupperware boxes or my bulky camera for good measure. Bag never complains. Bag eats it all up. The only one who complains is my shoulder, which is where the cross body option really comes into play.

So, now you’ve had that little ode to my current bag, here is his new understudy, a mustard yellow leather bag from Fossil, which I think was £25 including postage:

So what is the verdict on New Bag? How does he measure up to Current Bag?


  • He’s made of real leather, which probably means a longer life
  • He’s mustard coloured, and I am big-time into mustard
  • He has a pretty embossed flower pattern, which I am also digging
  • He’s smaller than Current Bag, potentially forcing me to carry less stuff, and have less back ache…


  • He’s smaller than Current Bag, which makes him less versatile
  • He has a shorter strap, also less versatile
  • His zip is on the side, partway up – which means it’s difficult to make full use of his size

All in all, Current Bag is still close to my heart. But as society doesn’t frown upon bag polyamory the way it does with husbands, it’s fun to have options!

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Ebay Sunday

It’s pretty low key here at Clones Towers today (yes, this is now the portmanteau for our home Ben), following the highs of yesterday’s race and the Lambeth Country Show in the afternoon. Ben is nursing a Country Show cider hangover (the worst kind). I am nursing a pulled muscle in my inner thigh – funnily enough sustained not during the run, but jay-walking in a hurry to get to the race on time. Crime doesn’t pay kids.

So as it’s a quiet day, I thought I’d try out an idea I have for a little featurette, in the style of Wordless Wednesdays or Tijuana Tuesdays. Actually I just made up Tijuana Tuesdays, but I feel like it should be a thing – answers in the comments as to what it should involve: margaritas and fajitas? Tequila and tacos? Get shit-faced, take a bunch of pictures and then post them for Wordless Wednesdays?

See, I’m a sucker for those blogs where folks post pics of their awesome outfits they made/ altered/ upcycled/ thrifted/ pulled out of a rubbish bin and doused in Febreze.

Only trouble is my sewing skills are limited to patching holes in Ben’s pockets, and I’ve come to realise that the best stuff in charity shops is size 6-10 (i.e. the gorgeous clothes people got too fat for).

But I do rule the web when it comes to ebay purchases. So now you’re getting Ebay Sundays: a showcase of some of my favourite ebay purchases.

I hinted the other day at a bit of an ebay problem. I was joking, but then this happened:

The first step is… seeing your problem laid out on the floor

I did a little adding up, and realised I’d spent £80 in 8 days, which is… not good. Somebody pointed out that I’d got about 10 items for that money, and on the high street I’d be lucky to walk away with three.

The magical thing about ebay is also the dangerous thing: anything you can think of, you can probably find it. Saw a girl wearing an amazing tie dye dress and now you want one? Ebay can help. Got a favourite top that’s seen better days and are hoping you can find it again? Someone on ebay is selling it, and they take better care of their clothes than you do.

There are so many elements of ebay that are addictive: the auction format, the low prices, the ‘challenge’ of finding something amazing, the joy of receiving parcels in the post (as one friend said, it’s like having a birthday every week). And there’s also this element of web 2.0, where increasingly people want to interact with websites, and have something to show for it. What’s more interactive than press button, get skirt?

In truth, I freaked out when I realised I’d spent my food budget for the week on ebay, and asked someone to change my ebay password for me so I can go cold turkey. That’s a pretty weird way to introduce a new feature on ebay right? I guess my thinking is that this is a way to enjoy and showcase my favourite purchases.

So without further ado, one of my greatest ever ebay finds: my £20 wedding dress:

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Go Faster Stripes

New and improved – now with go faster stripes!

Day two of my preparation for Saturday’s run and I am taking it easy after yesterday’s 5.3k test run.

Siri: I feel mostly okay, but the fronts of my legs are killing me

Ben: Yeah, that’ll happen

Siri: Maybe I have shin splints. What are shin splints?

Ben: It’s what it sounds like: they are actual splints they put on your legs when you break them.

Siri: No, I’m sure it’s a terrible malady of some kind

Ben: … there isn’t a name for every little thing that happens to hurt occasionally on your body

Siri: [googles shin splints] you SEE?! I was right!

Ben: Hmmm… yeah okay. Maybe you have stress fractures in your shins… after one jog around the block

Other than googling horrible injuries that may befall me, I’ve been preparing for Saturday with some shopping.

Ben was pretty convinced I needed some shorts to run in. I was pretty convinced he was just making an excuse to see me in some tiny shorts, I tend to defer to him in all physical matters. Wait, uh… that came out wrong.

Either way, I had to admit that my heavyweight cotton jogging bottoms which I bought at Pineapple when I was 15 were not the most accommodating running gear, not least because they actually seem to hamper my ability to lift my knees. I took myself off to TK Maxx, but the only shorts in evidence were denim hotpants (also not the one for a 5k run) so I invested in some snazzy new yoga pants instead.

Are they prime running wear? No. Do they have an awesome pink stripe across the bum? Why yes, yes they do!

I spent the evening wearing my coordinated pink and black gym gear, whilst prepping for Saturday with carb-loading and hydrating with an antioxidant-laden beverage (aka knocking back pasta, garlic bread and red wine).

Happy training all!

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12 steps

“Listen, Ben, there’s something I have to explain”


“I bought some jeans on ebay a couple of weeks ago, and a top, but the seller was on holiday. And then I bought some more things this week. So… when two pairs of jeans, three hoodies, two t-shirts, a pair of shoes a new dress arrive, I just want you to understand that I didn’t buy them all in one go”

I think I may have a bit of a problem with ebay. But it’s cool you know, I can handle it. I can stop any time.