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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Exposed

This week’s photo assignment was to play around with exposure and try producing shots that are over- and under-exposed. It took a bit of manipulation to get my camera doing anything like what I wanted – it’s designed to compensate the shutter speed and/or aperture to optimise the exposure.

I wasn’t super-pleased with my photos (as I mentioned the other day), but I was pleasantly surprised by my teacher’s response to them. I think it helped me immensely that I went first – there were some truly excellent photos later on that I would have blushed to follow. But again, there were also people whose shots weren’t as good as mine.

So, less blather, more photos.

And now for something utterly different.

On the way home, I saw an exploded watermelon on the floor. After several attempts to get a shot that wasn’t overly yellow and blurry, I switched into tungsten white balance, upped the aperture, and put the camera down on the pavement beside it. When you don’t have a tripod you have to improvise!